Friday, June 26, 2009

Will the Philippines be great again?

"This nation will be great again", according to former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos, when she ran for Presidency many years ago. My father also told me that this was a very famous line from the speeches of the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos who ruled the Philippines for 20 long years.

I personally believe that our country could be great again. However, this will not happen overnight. Even the next President, if there will really be elections in 2010, would probably have difficulty in making this thought a reality. Others even think that life is hopeless and that they will just die living in a third world country.

Is our country already hopeless? Can the government help us survive in this very competitive world? Or we just have to face the reality of living alone and hoping for nothing from our government?

From the very beginning I have believed that we should never stop from hoping for what is best. Everything happen for a purpose. We can only change our country or even the world if we will start from ourselves. Our value orientation will for sure have a big impact. And so if all of us will change our value orientation then there will be a domino effect.

We are always faced with a question of what is the best solution to the problems of our country and I have come to realize that the best solution is "us Filipinos". If we will only love genuinely our country then we will do only things that would benefit the majority. Moreover, going back to basics just like paying our taxes promptly, following traffic rules, implementing properly the law, and by just being fair to our fellow countrymen, will really be a BIG help.

We should not wait for another problem to come our way. Let us all start changing our country by changing ourselves for the better. Hence, in the coming elections, let us all vote for whoever is the most deserving to lead us. He/she may not be the most intelligent candidate, the most charming, the richest, or the most famous, but he/she should be able to manage our country fairly.

Remember, there should be no room for mistake. If we will elect the wrong national leaders, then we will again suffer for the next six years of our lives. That is, if we are still alive.

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  1. Hear, hear! Improvement begins with "I".
    The government should lead by example by curbing corruption. To cite an example, let's use traffic situation. If only cops wouldn't entertain bribing, problem would already be half-solved.
    Another thing - although I am no GMA supporter (because of her dodgy approach to answering questions), it is my belief that the parliamentary form of government merits at least an evaluation. Why do I say this? Well, Philippines being made up of thousands of islands is like the Old Republic of Star Wars what with each island being a star system. And each of these star systems need to be represented so that they won't be left out in terms of development. What's happening right now is that Metro Manila is becoming more and more crowded & congested simply because of the lack of development in the countryside. With a parliamentary form of government, you get equal attention considering that you have each representative focusing on taking care of/developing their respective territory. Though I may not know much about politics and government, I believe that parliamentary form of government has some merits that should at least be given some attention in the hopes of a better tomorrow. I left the Philippines because I am simply tired of the governance and do not believe it to be a good place to raise my children-to-be.