Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CS 231: Reminders to Students

You are required to post your research on the following topics on or before March 30, 2011 at 11:00 am.

  • Automata Theory

  • Complexity Theory

  • Computability Theory

  • Reasons of Studying Automata Theory

Monday, March 28, 2011

INFO 1: Informatics

Course Description

This is a basic course in Informatics that will teach nursing students the fundamentals of Information Technology.

Pre-requisite: None
Credits: 3 units

Course Outline

  • The Information Age

  • Computer Systems: Hardware, Software, and Connectivity

  • The Computer and Its Operating System Environment

  • Introduction to Word Processing

  • Introduction to Presentation Graphics

  • Introduction to Spreadsheets

  • Using the World Wide Web

  • Introduction to Databases

  • Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals by Irene Joos et al.

  • Information Technology Fundamentals by Gisela A. Albano et al.

  • Essentials of Nursing Informatics by Virginia K. Saba and Kathleen A. McCormick

Grading System
  • Assignments (10%)

  • Quizzes (10%)

  • Laboratory Exercises (20%)

  • Participation (10%)

  • Examination (50%)

  • Every week, students are required to submit at least three researches about technology (hardware or software) used in the area of Health and Medicine.

  • Laboratory exercises will be given in class and should be complied based on the date identified by the instructor.

  • All returned assignments, quizzes, researches, and laboratory exercises should be kept by students. These will be compiled and submitted as a requirement for the Finals.

  • Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm (Monday - Friday)

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Venue: IT Laboratory 3, Bro. Bernard Curtin Hall

  • Students should come to class on time.

  • A student with three absences will be droppped from the class.

  • Three cases of tardiness will be considered one absent.

Submission of Works
  • Students are reminded to submit their requirements on time. Points will be deducted for late submission of requirements.

  • Laboratory exercises, quizzes, and seatworks should be finished on time.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Congratulations NDKC Batch 2011

My warmest congratulations to Class of 2011 of the Notre Dame of Kidapawan College on your graduation last Sunday, March 13, 2011.

I had so many memories (good and bad) with some of you but of course I would like to highlight only the good ones.

Cleo Mae Descartin, the outstanding graduate, who had been close with me since the start of her CSSG stint as socio-cultural commissioner. I will never forget our bonding moments in the CSSG even if I'm not your adviser. I appreciate the efforts you have shown to make every Intrams and College Fest night a succesful one. Thank you also for the trust you have shown me whenever you consult me and everytime you request me to be an emcee. I will never forget my act of cowardice when I left your graduation bash last Sunday night because of the "drinking game" (hehehe).

Jake O. Constantino, the captain of Team Bangan, who had been one of my best students ever. Thanks for giving your best everytime I ask you to represent NDKC in various Programming Contests. I will never forget our exchange of SMS few nights before your graduation day. I admire your pleasant disposition amidst pressures of college life. I hope and pray that you'll have a good relationship with your family. Hence, may you have a successful life ahead of you. Just remember what I told you, "the real battle starts after graduation." I hope you will use your time wisely (unlike me). Finally, thanks for telling me in one of your SMS that "it's never too late sir." It means a lot to me.

Meliza C. Lerio, the Champion quizzer, who had overcome the pressure of being a student and mother at the same time. NDKC is truly proud of you for you have brought honor to your alma mater as a Regional and Provincial Champion in the IT Quiz Bowl. I have also learned a lot of lesson from a young mother like you when we had our sharing in the Food Court of JS Gaisano Mall last December (remember?). Thank you for sharing a piece of you. You will always be remembered.

John Michael Sabnal, the Chess player and Champion quizzer, whom I have always scolded during the course of developing his capstone project. My apology if I have scolded you but I hope you understand my side. I must admit that I can see myself in you. You are an intelligent person but you have to value time. Take it from me. I am also guilty of that.

Rayjhone Biolata, the recipient of the Best Capstone Project and Best Capstone Project presenter awards. You deserve these awards because of your sincere commitment in doing your project from the very beginning. Thank you for the trust you have given me as your adviser. You will always serve as a model to my future thesis advisees. Stay humble.

Christine Banguis Jumawan, the lady who surprised everyone by grabbing the Best Capstone Project Presenter award along with Rayjhone. You may not be the best student I have had academically but your perseverance and commitment in presenting your project to the best of you ability is commendable.

Michael Vincent Bugarin whom I fondly call "Teacher Mike." I will never forget our bonding moment while eating pomelo at Enzo Bar. I appreciate your cheerfulness that gives light to every person you meet in school. Thank you also for trusting me with the story of your life. Just remember Teacher Mike that it doesn't matter how many times we fall for as long as we do our best to rise with humility.

Eunice Kay Marie Alviar, the Nursing Department Governor. I am sorry if I have given not so good remarks about you in facebook but I really appreciate the friendship we have developed after I have become so brutally honest with you. I will never forget our first bonding moment at Eigors. You were so friendly to me after what I did to you. But of course past is past. I just thank God for giving me a chance to become your friend. Please keep in touch.

Rizaldio M. Enemido, popularly known as "Thalia". "She" is a very good sistah of mine. I thank you for being a brother and sister to me at all times. I will forever cherish all our bonding moments specially those with Kate. I still remember the naughty night outs we have had in the past. Remember "run Barbie run" moments at KCCC? And who would ever forget your sweet moments with your past BF's? I just hope you will be a better person now that you're entering a new chapter in your life. Always remember that I will forever cherish our friendship (me, you, and Kate). Thank you very much for accepting and understanding me during the time when I was blinded by love that made my friendship with you and specially Kate shaky. I love you sis!

To all NDKC Batch 2011 graduates, congratulations!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Coaching Stint

School Year 2010-2011 was quite a busy year for me. Aside from the teaching loads given to me, I was designated as coach of NDKC in the following events.

  1. Computer Programming Contest (1st runner-up, Regional Level)
  2. IT Quiz Bowl (1st runner-up, Regional Level)
  3. Science Quiz (Champion, Provincial Level and 3rd runner-up, Regional Level)
  4. Mathematics Quiz (1st runner-up, Provincial Level)
  5. Computer Quiz (Champion, Provincial Level)
  6. Dancesports (1st runner-up, Provincial Level and 3rd runner-up, Regional Level)

You may laugh at item number six but it's true. Yes! I coached the NDKC Dancesports Team but of course I contacted a trainer or else the results will be an all-time disaster.

God bless me next school year!