Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Filipinos, hailed as the most savvy mobile phone users

I was surprised to know that the Filipinos already have a new title as the "most savvy mobile phone users" based on a research conducted by a global market research firm Synovate.

I read it from a news article posted in Yahoo! Philippines news and I've decided to repost it.


Pinoys lead the world in use of phone features

Manila Bulletin - Sunday, September 20

A new report by global market research firm Synovate has found that Filipinos lead the way in the use of many mobile features among 11 countries covered by the survey.

Aside from being the world's heaviest senders of SMS or text messages, Filipinos can now claim another title in the mobile space: Most savvy users of a mobile phone.

In the study, 87 percent of the local population use the phone's alarm clock as against the global average of 67 percent. There were 8,000 total respondents.

Sixty-three percent of Filipinos also play games regularly, 48 percent listen to or download music, 44 percent watch video clips, and 13 percent even watch TV (versus an overall 5 percent).

Carole Sarthou, Synovate's managing director for the Philippines, said in a statement that the high numbers of the country can be attributed to ''cultural'' and ''circumstantial'' factors.

''It's part of the national psyche to love social connections, music and entertainment. How the Filipino love affair with the mobile is different compared to developing nations is that, in many cases, a mobile is all people have,'' she said.

''It's the only way they can listen to music, the only way they can play games and the only way they can communicate from afar. Many Filipinos use this instead of the Internet and computers and it's not surprising that it has become such a multi-purpose, multi-tasking tool,'' Sarthou added.

The survey also found that the Philippines was the closest market to being split on the issue when asked, ''If lost, which would be harder to replace... your mobile phone or wallet/purse?''

Respondents from the Philippines said 47 percent of them said their mobile phone would be harder to replace while 52 percent chose the wallet/purse.

Synovate's Sarthou said this result shows Filipinos would find the mobile difficult, or even impossible, to replace.

''The connection to other people stops when the phone is lost. It's a storehouse for photos and videos, but most vital are contact details. Filipinos seek constant connection,'' she said.

The survey also showed the Philippines coming out on top in using text in conveying potentially bad news:

  • 12 percent have broken up with someone via text, led by 23 percent of Filipinos and 22 percent of both Malaysians and Russians.
  • 35 percent agreed that they have hidden behind text to say no or send a difficult message, led by 49 percent of Filipinos, 48 percent of Malaysians and 47 percent of Singaporeans. Least likely to hide behind SMS are Canadians (79 percent disagree) and Americans (71 percent).
  • 31 percent agreed they have lied about why they were running late or where they are, led by 57 percent of Filipinos and 44 percent of Singaporeans.

Least likely to lie via text (or so they say) are the Dutch (84 percent disagree) and the Americans (79 percent).

Synovate's global head of media, Steve Garton, said mobile phones have become so ubiquitous that by last year, more human beings owned one than did not.

''In the Philippines and Africa,'' millions of dollars have been transacted via mobile. The telco has effectively become a bank, allowing even those in rural areas to send and receive mobile money.

This is just one of the huge benefits which are changing lives in developing nations,'' he said.

Friday, September 18, 2009

EngTech's sweet victory over some not so sweet things

Congratulations to the students and officers of the Engineering and Technology (EngTech) Department of Notre Dame of Kidapawan College for bagging the over-all championship in the recently concluded Intramurals dubbed as Bioglitz '09. This is the first-ever intrams championship since the department was founded last school year. Truly, the union of the former Computer-Information and Engineering departments is a force to reckoned with.

Grabbing the top spot in a well-competed event was a bit unexpected for some faculty and students but unity coupled with a deep faith in God made the difference.

Kudos to the EngTech athletes and participants for bringing home the bacon!

Congratulations also to the officers of the Campus Student Supreme Government for organizing an event with a very timely concept that focuses on the care of our Mother Earth. I know they have experienced a lot of good and "not so good things" during the staging of this week-long activity but I hope they will learn a lot from the experience.

I would also like to recognize the efforts exerted by my friend Rizaldio "Thalia" Enemido. I know my friend Thalia had been through a lot of tests in the past intrams but I'm sure he had faced everything professionally.

My learnings

I personally have learned a lot from the past intrams. To admit, at some point I have lost control of my temper, specially during the opening day when I scolded the lady representative of ShirtGate(Davao) for not delivering the cheerdance costumes and some jerseys of the EngTech department and also during the Dancesports competition night when I loudly protested some of the decisions of the judges.

On the Dancesports Issue

I know I went beyond with some of my comments. I would like to extend my apology to Brian Porras, the LA governor and to his dance partner. I believe Maam Gabrido had already explained why a lot of people are not in favor of the results of the contest except for the Accountancy dancers who are deserving champions. However, I am still holding on my "opinion" that the EngTech, Commerce, and Education departments performed better than the LA pair. I am sharing the same sentiments with a "lot" of people, most of which are dancesport enthusiasts (including some teachers).

Past is past. I have nothing against Brian, his partner, and the judges. I am not even questioning the credibility of the judges. I just hope that next time we will be reminded of the value of "delicadeza".

I remember few years ago when I invited Mrs. Anita Fe Gaviola to be one of the judges in the ICT Fest hosted by NDKC. She turned down my invitation because her husband is the President of one of the participating schools. She also told me that even if she had already accepted the invitation before the school being run by her husband joined the festival, she would still not allow issues to float by backing out as a judge.

On the word sportsmanship

Some may say that I have forgotten the true meaning of sportsmanship. But I believe sportsmanship doesn't mean being blind with some obvious irregularities of the game.

Again, congratulations to all of us specially to the EngTech, Commerce and Accountancy Departments for bagging the top three spots.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Untitled Blog

I honestly do not know what to post. I first thought of being academic by posting something about the subjects I teach but I can't even hit the first key of my notebook. I even thought of blogging some good and not so good things that happened in the past NDKC intramurals but I really do not know how to start.

Well, most probably I am just bothered of the news that I received at lunch time. That news about an event that will happen next week will completely spoil the "celebration" that I have long been hoping for. I even consider it more important than my own birthday because I rarely celebrate it.

I am not blaming anyone. Someone even told me that it might be rescheduled but still I cannot resist myself from feeling bad because it might just blow up everything. God! I do not know what to say. I am just wondering....

  1. Am I unfair?
  2. Am I too bad?
  3. Am I difficult to love?
  4. Am I worthless?
  5. Am I just a toy?
  6. Am I not worthy to love and be loved?
  7. What is happening?
  8. Why does things most of the time go against what I hope it would be?
  9. Why am I alone?
  10. Why is time so unreasonable?

I hope time will give me the answers.