Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you President Cory for the gift of democracy!

I can still remember myself watching television when I was about to turn 6 years old. I kept on asking my nanay (mama) why a lot of people are shouting in the streets wanting to oust Marcos? Who's Marcos anyway? My nanay told me that Marcos is the President or the leader of our country for twenty long years and Filipinos already want change.

I actually cannot differentiate life with Marcos and life without him because I was just starting to understand things. I was only in kindergarten then. However, the slogan that I see in TV saying "tama na, sobra na, palitan na" made me realize that most people if not all really want something to happen and that is to topple the cruel Marcos regime.

I was also curious why most people were wearing yellow raising their hands with the L sign. And again my nanay generously responded and told me that yellow is the color of Cory Aquino who is the leader that Filipinos want to replace Marcos as President. I was just starting to learn colors that time and the first two colors that I was able to identify are red (color of Marcos) and yellow (color of Cory). My mother did not know the meaning of the L sign. It was only in my elementary years I knew that L stands for "laban."

As I go down memory lane, I consider this particular event in our country's history as the very first national event that I have learned and witnessed on television as a young kid. I can even remember myself asking my nanay if we can go to EDSA to join the rally. At that time I just thought that as a playful child I will enjoy staying with a lot of people in the streets not knowing the threats to our lives had the military stayed loyal to Marcos.

Much has been said about the gifts that the Lord has given us through the lady named Maria Corazon Cojuanco-Aquino. She is truly an epitomy of grace under pressure because she was able to overcome all the obstacles in her life as a wife, a mother, grandmother, and as a leader with calmness. President Cory is indeed the "Filipino of the Century" as recognized by the Philippine Free Press. She may not be the most intelligent or ideal President because of her vulnerability but her clean governance as a result of her strong moral values, made me consider her as the best President the Philippines ever had.

Thank you President Cory for inspiring us to courageously face life despite these trying times. You are worth remembring of.

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  1. She is a typical Filipina with great aspiration for the progress of the country. A fighter for what she thinks is right and a president we Filipinos could never forget because we made her as an exemplary model for the hope of the fatherland.

    She is a martyr and must be given enough tribute and recognition for her simple ways, she made a mark to the heart of those who aspire for peace, justice and human rights.