Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Result of my Graduate Level Test

I took the Graduate Level Test at the University of Southern Mindanao (USM), Kabacan, North Cotabato. I only got the results last month and was happy with it. I ranked 2nd over-all in the batch of Masters and PhD students who took the same examination last August 9, 2008.


Center for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Graduate Level Test
Examinee Report
Student No.: 0501912
School: University of Southern Mindanao
Date of Testing: 08/09/2008
Standard Score
  • Verbal (V) -- 582
  • Quantitative (Q) -- 675
  • Inductive Reasoning (IR) -- 650

General Aptitude Score (GAS)

  • Standard Score -- 673 -- Excellent (E)
  • Percentile Rank -- 96

What your GLT Score Mean

The Graduate Level Test or GLT is designed to measure aptitudes which are deemed necessary for graduate study.

The GLT yields the following scores: Verbal (V), Quantitative (Q), Inductive Reasoning (IR), and General Aptitude Score (GAS). V, Q, and IR have a common standard score scale which makes possible the comparison of an examinee's performance across the three subtests as well as comparison with the performance of the other examinees.

GAS is the composite score based on the V, Q, and IR scores. It has a unique standard score scale with an equivalent percentile rank scale. These scores make possible comparison of your performance with the other examinees. For example, if your GLT GAS standard score is 584, which has a percentile rank equivalent of 80, this means that your score is comparable to that of the upper 20 percent of the norm group, or that your performance on the GLT is higher than that of 80 percent of the norm group.

The standard scores may be converted into quality index (QI) scores using the conversion table below:

Score Range QI
200-318 Very Poor (VP)
319-374 Inferior (I)
375-424 Below Average (BA)
425-473 Low Average (LA)
474-524 Average (A)
525-572 High Average (HA)
573-620 Above Average (AA)
621-669 Superior (S)
670-800 Excellent (E)

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