Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26 Reasons Why I am Happy on November 26

1. I am still alive.
2. I have caring and loving parents.
3. I have friends who are always with me through thick and thin.
4. I have a fulfilling job.
5. I have a well-functioning mobile phone.
6. I have already subscribed to 2 days unlimited text.
7. I have checked and recorded quizzes of my three classes in more or less an hour.
8. I have a new scarf.
9. I have a cute Japanese Spitz.
10. I ate my favorite breakfast.
11. I was able to wake-up at 5:40 am.
12. I arrived in school at 7:05 am (third in rank).
13. I have two new jackets.
14. I have two new jogging pants.
15. I have a new blog.
16. Most of my students submitted their requirements on time.
17. Philippines is second over-all in The Amazing Race Asia Season 3.
18. NDKC was the champion in 7 out of 10 events in the November ICT Fest.
19. I found out that I'll be coaching two events in the COPRISA Meet.
20. Tomorrow afternoon is hopefully pay day.
21. I picked the name of one of my favorite teachers in College for our exchange gifts.
22. I have a new Madagascar Glass.
23. The driver who drove the cab on my way to school is very friendly.
24. I'll meet some1 later.
25. The first SMS I received this morning is from my baby.

AND. . .

26. TODAY IS OUR "2ND". . . . . . . . WEEEEEEH!!!

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