Friday, November 21, 2008

Notre Dame of Kidapawan College's Quest for Glory

The past week had been so tough for the Notre Dame of Kidapawan College because of its participation in the November ICT Fest organized by the Advocates for the Development of ICT in North Cotabato. Invitation for the said competition came in late but we still managed to prepare for barely a week.

God is good for blessing NDKC despite the "not so good" criticism of a "teacher" from a neighboring school saying that "dili mag apil ang ndkc sa ict fest kay cge lang na cLa pa gwapo... cge lang na cLa pagwapo og skwelahan..." However, it came to us as a challenge to make the most out of our ICT Fest stint.

Thanks be to God for I know He is always with us... guiding our students in their quest for the glory of Notre Dame. The following are the fruits of NDKC's labor.

* CHAMPION in 7 out of 10 ICT Fest Events:
- Quiz Bowl
- Impromptu Speech
- Text twist
- Scrabble
- Computer Graphics Design
- Computer Networking
- Miss ICT

* Second Runner-up in Speed Typing

Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and most specially to the Department of Trade and Industry and the City Government of Kidapawan.

We also appreciate the friendship we have had with the other competing schools.

* RDA Computer College
* STI - Kidapawan
* University of Southern Mindanao
* Central Mindanao Colleges
* Southern Baptist College
* North Point College of Arts and Technology
* PR Tech
* Colegio de Kidapawan
* Central Mindanao Computer School
* Kidapawan Skills Technical School

It's hard to expect because once your expectations are not met, it might hit you in your butt. However, we will do our best to bring glory to our school in the next ICT Fest.

"Win or lose we'll hold thy name in honor of Notre Dame."