Thursday, September 17, 2009

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I honestly do not know what to post. I first thought of being academic by posting something about the subjects I teach but I can't even hit the first key of my notebook. I even thought of blogging some good and not so good things that happened in the past NDKC intramurals but I really do not know how to start.

Well, most probably I am just bothered of the news that I received at lunch time. That news about an event that will happen next week will completely spoil the "celebration" that I have long been hoping for. I even consider it more important than my own birthday because I rarely celebrate it.

I am not blaming anyone. Someone even told me that it might be rescheduled but still I cannot resist myself from feeling bad because it might just blow up everything. God! I do not know what to say. I am just wondering....

  1. Am I unfair?
  2. Am I too bad?
  3. Am I difficult to love?
  4. Am I worthless?
  5. Am I just a toy?
  6. Am I not worthy to love and be loved?
  7. What is happening?
  8. Why does things most of the time go against what I hope it would be?
  9. Why am I alone?
  10. Why is time so unreasonable?

I hope time will give me the answers.

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