Friday, September 18, 2009

EngTech's sweet victory over some not so sweet things

Congratulations to the students and officers of the Engineering and Technology (EngTech) Department of Notre Dame of Kidapawan College for bagging the over-all championship in the recently concluded Intramurals dubbed as Bioglitz '09. This is the first-ever intrams championship since the department was founded last school year. Truly, the union of the former Computer-Information and Engineering departments is a force to reckoned with.

Grabbing the top spot in a well-competed event was a bit unexpected for some faculty and students but unity coupled with a deep faith in God made the difference.

Kudos to the EngTech athletes and participants for bringing home the bacon!

Congratulations also to the officers of the Campus Student Supreme Government for organizing an event with a very timely concept that focuses on the care of our Mother Earth. I know they have experienced a lot of good and "not so good things" during the staging of this week-long activity but I hope they will learn a lot from the experience.

I would also like to recognize the efforts exerted by my friend Rizaldio "Thalia" Enemido. I know my friend Thalia had been through a lot of tests in the past intrams but I'm sure he had faced everything professionally.

My learnings

I personally have learned a lot from the past intrams. To admit, at some point I have lost control of my temper, specially during the opening day when I scolded the lady representative of ShirtGate(Davao) for not delivering the cheerdance costumes and some jerseys of the EngTech department and also during the Dancesports competition night when I loudly protested some of the decisions of the judges.

On the Dancesports Issue

I know I went beyond with some of my comments. I would like to extend my apology to Brian Porras, the LA governor and to his dance partner. I believe Maam Gabrido had already explained why a lot of people are not in favor of the results of the contest except for the Accountancy dancers who are deserving champions. However, I am still holding on my "opinion" that the EngTech, Commerce, and Education departments performed better than the LA pair. I am sharing the same sentiments with a "lot" of people, most of which are dancesport enthusiasts (including some teachers).

Past is past. I have nothing against Brian, his partner, and the judges. I am not even questioning the credibility of the judges. I just hope that next time we will be reminded of the value of "delicadeza".

I remember few years ago when I invited Mrs. Anita Fe Gaviola to be one of the judges in the ICT Fest hosted by NDKC. She turned down my invitation because her husband is the President of one of the participating schools. She also told me that even if she had already accepted the invitation before the school being run by her husband joined the festival, she would still not allow issues to float by backing out as a judge.

On the word sportsmanship

Some may say that I have forgotten the true meaning of sportsmanship. But I believe sportsmanship doesn't mean being blind with some obvious irregularities of the game.

Again, congratulations to all of us specially to the EngTech, Commerce and Accountancy Departments for bagging the top three spots.


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