Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Just Rushed My Dog to the Vet Clinic

I was in school few hours ago when my mother called me informing me that "Meepo", my male pet dog just died. She told me that I should come home if I would like to see Meepo before he will be buried. And so I left my laptop open and at once went home.

I saw my dog in the cage still breathing. I contacted Dr. Salvatierra and I was advised to bring Meepo to the clinic. He told me that based on his observation, Meepo might have been poisoned or probably has accidentally eaten a poisonous food or drink. The veterinarian is not also setting aside the possibility that Meepo was hit by parvo virus since his anti-parvo vaccine has already expired.

Dr. Josef told me that Meepo should be confined. What else can I do? I just have to follow with what the doctor had said because I still want my dog to recover. The doctor had difficulty in putting the dog's dextrose. According to him, Meepo's vein has already collapsed but after about ten minutes, he was able to hit the right vein.

I hope and pray that Meepo will be fine tomorrow. I really love my dog.

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