Friday, May 15, 2009

What's behind number 12?

The question may not be that catchy but I hope you will enjoy reading this simple post of mine.

I just realized that I have already spent twelve tough years with the Notre Dame of Kidapawan College. Tough but still worth remembering. I believe that this institution had taught me a lot in facing the realities of life and for the next few years I still expect to grow as a better person.

I arrive in Kidapawan last April 26, 1997 together with my parents and brother. My father decided we should transfer to this humble place because he believe that the simple life Kidapawan could offer will make it easier for us to survive.

I have to admit, I never dreamed of studying here in NDKC or anywhere in Mindanao. Modesty aside, I felt that I deserve a better school because I graduated with flying colors at Holy Child Catholic School in Manila. I even inquired for student assistantship in De La Salle University and Adamson University. However, I had no choice. My parents wanted me to go with them to Kidapawan and gave me three options: to study in CMC, NORCIT (now CdK) or NDKC. And so I chose NDKC being the "most famous" of the three.

I thought I was entering a mini forest the first time I entered NDKC. I was just not used to a campus with so many trees. I visited the Guidance Office and inquired about the curricular offerings. I enrolled in the BS Computer Science program because at that time there's no Mass Communications program in NDKC.

My little knowledge of the Cebuano dialect made it difficult for me to communicate with some of my classmates, not to mention two of my former teachers who keeps on code switching but mostly using the local dialect as medium of instruction. But this difficulty did not hinder me to make my stay in this Marist institution a fruitful one. After few months, I learned the dialect and up to now the learning process continues.

NDKC gave me a lot of opportunities in college. I am happy to say that I performed well academically. I was also chosen as representative to some competitions in the region such as NDEA Academic Contest 1998 (2nd r-up), NDKC-NDMC Debate (Best Speaker), NDKC-NDMC Academic Challenge (Winner), YCSC-National Oratorical Contest (Champion), Statistics Quiz (4th I think) and Regional Super Quiz Bee (just 5th). Thank God I won in most of these contests.
Thank you also to the chance given to me as delegate to various significant gatherings such as the Mindanao Youth Congress in Davao City and the YCSC National Evaluation Seminar held at Teacher's Camp, Baguio City.

I also discovered that I can be a good leader when I was chosen as the Governor of the Computer-Information Department, Vice President of the Youth Community Service Club (YCSC) Kidapawan-Arakan-Mlang Council, and News Editor of The Almagan, then NDKC's student publication.

I have to say that the best experience was given to me by YCSC. Not only I was able to go to Baguio but also I was able to join a Six-week Immersion Program dubbed as Barrio Rehabilitation Program at Sitio Palusok, Brgy. Meohao, Kidapawan City. Together with other active members of the club, I experienced living in a remote barrio where we conducted various programs in coordination with the Students Assistance Committee for Community Development (SAC-CD), NDKC Community Extension Services (CES) and the Provincial Social Welfare and Development (PSWD).

I finished college in 2001 and received some recognitions. I bring back all of these to the Lord Almighty. Barely two months after, I was hired as a full-time faculty member. In 2004, I became a tenured faculty and was elected as President of the College Faculty Club. A year later I was appointed as Coordinator of Student Affairs, a position I handled for three years.

At present, I belong to the Engineering and Technology Department of Notre Dame of Kidapawan College. I am also on my second and hopefully last year as President of the NDKC Faculty-Employees Association (NDKC-FEA). I am still part of the Youth Community Service Club as Moderator. I am also gald to be part of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family.

I sincerely thank God for these twelve years and hope that I will still grow as NDKC continues to grow.

I may not be a perfect teacher. . . not a perfect officer. . . not a perfect son or kuya. . . I may not be a perfect person. . . but I hope and pray that the Lord will still bless me, my students, my co-teachers, my friends, and most specially my family.

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