Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to NDKC Bro. Manuel V. De Leon, FMS

By Bro. Manuel V. De Leon, FMS
The New NDKC President
(Presented during the Turn-Over Ceremony last May 18, 2009 at NDKC-SMC Student Center)
  1. What is Education? - More Education is More Wisdom. It means to say that education is supposed to produce, preserve and promote wisdom towards fullness of life.
  2. What is Wisdom? - It is to view the world through the eyes of God. It is important to discern, contemplate and obey His will.
  3. What is the role of the Catholic School? - It is to spread the Good News. The Good News is the Word of God. The Good News are the Gospel Values of faith, hope, and love.
  4. What are the Marist Characteristics? - As Marists, we have some distinctive marks, namely: Simplicity (i.e genuine relationship, not complicated), Presence (i.e pedagogy of good examples), Family Spirit (i.e welcoming, supportive, challenging), Love of Work (i.e one becomes co-creator of God), and Mary's Way (i.e Mary at the crib, cross and the altar)
  5. What is Marist Education? - Marist Education is integral education or towards the development of the total person. The total development of the person includes his physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual aspects.
  6. What are the main functions of Tertiary Education? - Tertiary Education is supposed to promote research, quality instruction and community involvement. Thus, it is important that NDKC should be known for the quality of researches, instruction and community involvement. In other words, every program must integrate these three components.
  7. What is my leadership style? - I believe in empowering people. Empowerment can only happen when there is high level of trust in the goodness of people who can work together as a team. I am a believer of dialogue or consensus building. I am action and result oriented. As a team, we need to share both the success and failure of the endeavor.
  8. What is a system approach? - We need to put up a system in order to make our values, content, resources, technology, and structures achieve our desired goals to the maximum. Most of the failures are caused by the failure in the system.
  9. What is the importance of financial viability? - High morale in the organization is a function of a good financial management. We will manage our financial resources and temporal goods as good stewards. We will strive to keep our balance sheet in good health. Otherwise, we will end up poorer than the poor we want to serve. Our philosophy in managing our resources will be based on stewardship, sustainability and equity.
  10. Ours is a Journey - Kairos is in God's time. We are all pilgrims here on earth. We are on our way to Holiness. Our actions or inactions contribute to our Wholeness. Let our actions be a product of contemplation. Actions without contemplation are shallow and lacking in wisdom. We are all participants in this journey. No one is a bystander, an audience or mere spectator. Let us make our community expandable. We reach out to the universe by making our "Circle of Influence" wider and bigger. But we cannot give what we don't have. It is therefore imperative for us to build a community "inside out". The best way to gauge our success is when we adhere to the three pillars integrity, excellence and service.

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